Where have I lived/been?

Hmmm .... are you stalking me?
I currently live in the far north of Sweden, in a flat share with one other male and three female students all studying at Umea University (link: http://www.umu.se/english/?languageId=1). I have been studying full-time in Umea since 2010. I think it is has the highest number of happy people of any place I have ever lived. Completely unscientifically, I have only met 10 people so far that are unhappy in over three years (that includes bus drivers, tax office workers, housemates etc).

In my life I have lived in (for at least a year): Sweden, UK, Australia, Thailand. I have been to (at least for 1 day, not including changing planes, listed in order of first visit, with several countries visited many times :-). Sweden, UK, France, US, Canada, Canary Islands, Austria, Germany, Yugoslavia, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Thailand, Hong Kong, Australia, Denmark, Indonesia, Malaysia, Norway, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos.